Chris Sharp


Chris is an award-winning illustrator and designer with over 40 years of experience in children’s publishing. As Owner of the Ah Ha Studios, he and his talented staff of graphic designers, illustrators, animators and new media specialists use an innovative blend of traditional and digital media to create books, eBooks, digital media, website designs and multimedia programs. We are always looking forward to cutting edge technology to continue to enhance the Ah Ha feel.  Over his 40 years in the publishing industry, Chris has collaborated with various authors to illustrate hundreds of children’s books for a group of children’s publishers, both in the secular and liturgical markets. His expertise extends into the advertising market as well.

Ah Ha Team

After multiple years working as a caricature artist, and a lifetime of self-study in art, Chris enrolled at the Art Institute of St. Louis where he graduated with honors and a 4.0 GPA. After earning a degree in Graphic/Web Design, he began using his skills in the field. As a designer with several years in the industry, Chris uses his skill to create children's books and prints. He also collaborates to define the look and feel of Ah Ha Studios. You can still find Chris performing caricature art when he isn't working with Ah Ha Studios.

Chris Grant

Graphic Designer